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"I can't ask for a better way to advertise my business online."
- Green Plus Pest Solutions - Peter

"After dealing with unfriendly lead services like Angie's List and getting little to nothing, this directory was a blessing!"
- Richard's Roofing - Richard T.

"For the money and a full year, it was a no brainer."
- Blalock Landscaping & Construction - John

"I got 2 new jobs last month from my ad."
- Sun Valley Tint - Adam

"Thank you Patrick, you really helped me and you were there to answer all my questions."
- Specialty Concrete Construction - Mel S.

"Don convinced me to upgrade to a large Home page banner and it made a noticeable impact on the calls we received. Thanks Don."
- Johnson Windows & Siding - Debbie K.

"I love the banner you made me, I am using that as my company logo."
- Thanks, Bruce - The Pool Swan

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